Trombone Conn 88HO price per month


Join UK Pro Trombonist Mike Innes, at Dawkes Music, as he explains some of the Conn 88H Trombone options and differences. As well as covering the main …

Conn first began producing well made trombones in 1876, and now they proudly introduce the Conn 88HO Symphony Series F Attachment Trombone Lacquer …

Conn 88H with a Bach 5G mouthpiece.

This instrument isn’t in a fully working condition… Yet… But will one day hopefully be restored to its former glory. It’s people like my Patreon supporters who help …

Trombones – Dillon Music

Shop Trombones – Woodwind & Brasswind

C.G.Conn 88HO Bb/F-Tenorposaune – Musikhaus Thomann

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